We have met Ioana some years ago but we knew her before that and we have always admired her. She is gorgeous, smart, funny and she laugh most of the time. If you meet her you can be sure that your day will start to look much better. She has that super power to share pure energy, pure joy. That is why we were happy and excited when she called us for her wedding. Finally we’ll take some pictures of her 🙂 And we’ve met her. Again. She was… different. Brighter and happier. And so beautiful. She was in love. We didn’t know too much about Stelian at first. But when we have seen how Ioana was looking to him, melting him, loving him with her eyes we decided it was a perfect chemistry there and something great is going to happen. We were lucky to be there and to witness all this love story. But the story keeps going. And the best is yet to come…


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